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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I REMOVE FACE PAINTS - All paints are water based and easily removed with warm soapy water, never use wipes as the alcohol content can cause the colour to stain.  For darker colours you may have to repeat the wash.  For removing from clothes, soak overnight in COLD water and wash with detergeant the next day.


ARE THEY SAFE - I only use paints that comply with EU standards.  They have anti-bacterial agents and are specifically designed for face painting. I can provide a list of ingredients upon request if you are concerned. Face paints are not recommended for children under 2 years.  Please read my Health & Safety regulations for more information.



A I travel by public transport I would need a medium size table and 2 adult size chairs to work from.  I will bring a towel to protect surfaces.


HOW MANY FACES CAN YOU PAINT - Generally I can paint 10 faces in 1 hour, this is based on a 5 min design with deciding time.  The more detail and work in a design, the longer it takes.  Face painters work on an hourly basis and a recommended time slot for parties of 20 is usually 2 hours.


WHY BOOK A PROFESSIONAL WHEN I CAN GET MY FRIEND - Quite often friends will opt-in to help you out at your event saying that they can do the face painting for free. With all the best will in the world they may be your friend or acquaintance, but you need assurance they can handle other peoples children safely.  By using a professional face painter who is insured, you can have confidence they will know how to handle any situation that can arise for instance:

  • contagious skin conditions, queues, decisions on designs

  • painting quick fast designs in the time allocated, handling figety children safely

  • they already have professional clean products and equipment

  • they do this every day so accidents are extremely rare.


With many years of experience I am able to paint at a reasonable speed, which is what you need for little ones who don’t like sitting still for too long, it also means I am able to get through more faces.


HOW DO I BOOK - Bookings and corresponce are preferred via email as documents are sent in the booking process.  However you can book by phone, instagram, facebook or text but we will need an email address to confirm everything.


IS THERE A DEPOSIT  I require a £20 deposit paid into my bank account to confirm your booking, which is fully deductible from the total fee on the day of your event. Once that is transferred across, I clear the time for you in my diary, and don’t offer it out to anyone else. Often I’ll turn down several other offers of client for each slot I have available, and I am booked out 4-6 weeks in advance, depending on the time of year.  If you need to rearrange your event we can reschedule and the deposit is deducted from your total fee on the day of the event. If you cancel at any point, the deposit is non-returnable.


WHAT IF I HAVE TO CANCEL - If you need to cancel your booking date, another date must be arranged within 1 year of the cancellation.


HOW TO PAY - The remaining total is due on the day of the party by either cash or BACS.  A receipt is available upon request.  For Corporate Events an invoice will be issued after the event.